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‘writeshite’ has been percolating away in my noggin for awhile now… I’ve been the type of human that has random bit’s of paper with lines, words, sentences, rhyme’s scattered in a very organised pile, also with the technology age you should see the notes section on my mobile. God bless note sections for bus journeys strolls about the city and such .

For yonks I have kept this power of the pen, punch of a button, tap of a screen in my own limiting sphere of insecurity. The past while with life circumstances pulling away asking me ‘what ya hiding for’?

Life is to be shared, not feared.

Creativity is certainly for sharing and exploring and just being yourself.

So this is me coming out of my writers closet 😀

Feck constructs of grammar, punctuation, institutionalisation and jump out of that bollox box . Take it or leave it ….. The perfection in the imperfection (vice versa)


Funny bone saves life…

Staring into the face of death through my funny bone ‘ha ha ha’

Laughter came and killed me

It was tendered unapologetic unorganized

Murdering me like a pack of crows ‘caaaawwwwwing’

It crept to me in the dark of night and told me of letting go

‘Would ya let bloody go’ it said

The letting go was combo belated, finally.

All in a gasp of hearty chuckling and ducklings I grasped it’s medicine

The art of letting go commenced in the peeing of my knickers

The rumble in my chest and the rebellious air that vacated on unannounced moments…


Laughter has a way of grabbing hold of all the pain and suffering and fuckin it out thevwindow

It takes no self pitiful prisoner

Not should it

Laughter is the ease the release we have been looking for

It is a gas

It is a doorway

And it could save your life.

Dear rise let’s fall

Dear rise let’s fall,

The sun gazes upon cemently covered streets
Jungle boogies arise as temperatures rise to faran hight
Skylines abandon the city as sun rises and washes it with light
Dinge dust drugs and all things of decrepicy fall away from the shadows with the day break
Only to be submerged into a kinda fake world that takes place within the hours of decay
I long for dusk to start falling upon me and this town
I long for my body to be held amongst devilish delight as stars twinkle like demons that sung with the angelic choir of the seventh Ray
Holy is the night that cherishes each unwanton kiss
Each prospector selling the best Black market goods
Life flourishes
The obsidianous allows for our wicked souls to dance
Together or separate we mingle we open we scream we shout we cry we laugh we fight we fist pump thump our chests and feel that type of beat
Pouring out onto streets
Life succumbs to what happens after day falls and shatters at the feet of the moon
Her majesty luna
Controlling tides
watery bodies
Unleashed are we this expression of all that is
Reality slips
It sliders and the nocturnals protest to the day
Signs and banners fly
Trampling along highways of mass diversion
Convergence within a city that will never sleep as it does not know how
Nor the people in it
Truth be told
As the dark night lays with me
I feel serene
I catch an honest glimpse of what it is to be human and other worldly at once
I grasp if just for these hours what it’s all about
And like the breath it rises and falls encouraging us to play from the grips of the dungeon of day!


Time rolls at deathly speed

The smell of fragility in the air pinches the two opposing

Complexities burn a sunder 

Love is misunderstood

Decisions made and not knowing

The call for clarity 

A kind of bestowing upon

 honesty falls between the cracks that appear

Ones from the start that have always been there

Openness now looses it’s idealised place 

As truth lays dormant in the unknown perhaps untouched parts of the self

A hand reaches out then slips away

A voice calls yet is not heard

A man speaks yet doesn’t speak at all 

The white flag flys

A certain gaze washes over her loss of faith

A never ending pervading fear that is there

In both. 

So they raise their sails and depart

Thirsty demon

Thirsty demon

inside me screaming

‘just one sip, just one sip for me’ he asks

thirsty demon is having a laugh

pulling my strings from hither to tither

thirsty demon likes to slider

and slide up and down these inner walls

the DT’S demon in withdrawal

as it scrawls and pulls on my vulnerable flesh

jumping out a holy mess

no hail Marys, no religious ceremonies will tame this decrepit beast

howling is the sound ricocheted through as it pulls

and souls they cry there wicked selves to sleep

where the sleepless are held neat in the darkness as it creeps

while sheep they follow over and over again

as wickedness prevails in the thirst of men

There is always something somewhere…

Somewhere in birth there is a gift,

Somewhere in childhood there is vulnerability,

Somewhere in adolescence there is rebellion,

Somewhere after that there is dealing with your shit,  and calling it maturity.

Somewhere in aging there is that something… That fear.. And in there,  there is praying to age well..

After all of that there is wisdom,

Somewhere in wisdom there is the sharing,

Somewhere in sharing it all there is a grave and in there there is something decaying,

And Somewhere in death there is an illusion.